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    Gun Control Trade-Off: London Terrorism or St. Louis Riots? 

    A free, armed populace will occasionally result in the demise of innocents, accidental shootings and convenient excuses for bad people to do bad things.

    Misunderstood malcontents (like St. Louis) may , from time to time, be killed, justly or unjustly, in a society where the people are allowed their God given right to keep and bear arms.

    When everyone is strapped, you have to prepare for war in every situation.

    The peacemakers have to do what is necessary to keep the peace, and there are bad apples among them, but faced with a free, gun toting public one must err on the side of violence. Every situation must be dealt with as a worst case scenario from the outset.

    Sometimes that gets a man killed.

    Many times it gets a cop killed.

    Sometimes it leads to civil unrest, however, it is an unfortunate bi-product of freedom.

    Across the pond, where the general public is largely unarmed (and so are the police) we find mankind at it’s worst. Evil maniacs finding ways to execute their evil agenda, usually without guns.

    Bombs, knives, cars and yes, they still get their hands on guns, criminals always will.

    It begs the question.

    Who is safer?

    An armed society that occasionally has to grieve a single tragic loss at the hands of aggressive law enforcement or an unarmed society left defenseless; at the mercy of psychopaths who feel free to move unchecked among the masses, striking, injuring and killing dozens (or hundreds) of targets at once?

    The math isn’t that hard.

    It was rightly stated, “Give me Liberty or give me death” for, without one, the other is inevitable.

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    The Boston Police Have Confiscated Over 500 ‘Crime Guns’ in 2017 

    According to the Boston Globe, the Boston Police Department has confiscated more than 500 guns thusfar in 2017.

    “I’ve seen my officers take thousands of guns off the streets of Boston during my time as Police Commissioner and I find it troubling that we keep seeing so many out there. Especially when they are in the hands of [teenagers],” Boston police Commissioner William Evans said in a statement Friday.

    “These illegal firearms have no place in our communities or in the hands of teenagers,” Evans said. “I’m amazed at the work that’s being done by my officers but we need everyone to be involved to help keep our communities safe from gun violence.”

    No one would argue that keeping illegal firearms out of the hands of prohibited possessors and teenagers is a noble cause and Boston will brag that it has seen a significant decrease in gun violence over the last few years, however, it should give any red-blooded American great pause when Al Jazeera praises your efforts.

    Other’s say that the Boston PD’s crackdown on gun violence has created a shooters paradise.

    Chicago has similar gun laws and has become the murder capital of America. I would say Boston is living on borrowed time.

    As we descend further along the slippery slope of disarming America I am reminded of a quote.

    “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will own guns”

    My gun permit was issued nearly 2000 years ago when Jesus said;

    Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

    And reiterated again on December 15, 1791, in the Bill of Rights.

    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.



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    California’s 10-day Waiting Period for Guns Appealed to Supreme Court 

    By Chris Egar

    Two California gun owners allied with Second Amendment groups are taking the challenge to the state’s mandatory waiting period to the nation’s high court.

    The plaintiffs, Jeff Silvester and Brandon Combs, who feel the state’s 10-day waiting period for gun purchases is a violation of their rights, sent their long-running fight with the state’s attorney general to the Supreme Court last week.

    Supported by the Calguns Foundation, of which Combs is the executive director, and Second Amendment Foundation, they argue the wait — if applied to those who already lawfully possessed a firearm registered in the state’s Automated Firearms System or had a concealed carry permit — is a violation of the Second Amendment.

    “While this case is about waiting periods, it is also about something more,” said Alan M. Gottlieb, SAF founder, and executive vice president, in a statement. “It’s about challenging a gun regulation that is designed more to discourage exercise of the Second Amendment than it is about preventing crime.”

    The men filed suit against the state in 2011, arguing that California’s waiting period and the 18 exemptions to it violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. The state countered the elapsed time was a viable means of reducing suicides and murders.

    In 2014, U.S. District Judge Anthony Ishii found in favor of the gun owners, saying: “There is no evidence that a ‘cooling off period,’ such as that provided by the 10-day waiting period, prevents impulsive acts of violence by individuals who already possess a firearm.”

    Though Ishii ruled the already-standard practice of a federal background check was sufficient in most cases, largely abandoning the 10-day rule, California brought the matter to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals who last December reversed the lower court’s decision saying the waiting period was a “reasonable safety precaution for all purchasers of firearms,” even if they already had a gun or a permit.

    With a request for a retrial denied earlier this year, the only avenue left for the plaintiffs is the Supreme Court.

    Pointing out that most checks take less than an hour to complete, attorney Erik Jaffe in the filing noted that the “application of the full 10-day waiting period to firearms purchasers who pass their background checks and already possess another firearm or a CCW license involves no meaningful risk to public safety.”

    California has had some form of waiting period statute for firearm sales since 1923. Initially, the law required a one-day wait for handguns, but lawmakers expanded it incrementally to three-, five- and later 15-days. Then, in 1991, to include all firearms. The only reform came in 1996 when, with the increased availability of electronic checks, it was reduced to the current 10-day mandate.

    Now on its way to Washington, the odds of the challenge being heard by the court are slim.

    Although the Supreme Court receives thousands of petitions each year, the number granted is few, typically 100 or less. Granting a petition requires the votes of four Justices, something the court has declined to do in several recent gun rights cases sent up from the Circuits.

    First Published at Guns.com

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    The Full Gospel Conservative & The Liberal Lie 

    I ran across a blog post the other by a person claiming to be a Christian, and claiming not to be a Democrat.  It was anti-abortion, yet clearly anti-DOMA, (taking a shot at Kim Davis). It sounded very pro-amnesty, pro-welfare expansion, anti-war, and anti-gun rights among other things. Not a single scripture appeared in the post.

    I would like to address some of the things I had concerns with here in my own little corner of the interwebs.

    Heaven will have no unrepentant murderers, alcoholics, drug addicts, thieves, liars or  homosexuals, no national borders to illegally cross, no poor because Christ is our sustenance, no national boundaries to fight for, and no bad people who want to kill you. In this world where Satan is the ruler, we have all of those things, and more.

    Scripture must be taken from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 to determine, as a whole, what it says. It must be studied in the original languages in which it was written (Greek, Hebrew, and Chaldean)

    You cannot take bits and pieces here and there to make it say what you want it to say. In fact almost every manner of error filled doctrine can, and has, been created by those “enlightened” by a handful of scriptures.


    Jesus ate with publicans and sinners in Matthew 9:10 . This scripture is commonly used as an excuse not to break fellowship with people who would have a bad influence on a Christian trying to walk uprightly.

    Seen coming out of a bar by their Bible study group one may shout “Oh, Hi guys! I was just in there telling them about Jesus!”.

    They may think they are, and they may well be trying, but the whole of scripture says they are on a fool’s errand, especially as a young believer. There is a battle being waged in the spiritual realms for our souls, and we are more likely losing ground every moment we spend with non-believers, and definitely gaining ground when we are in fellowship, study, and worship. When we have completed our training the day may come when one may minister is such evil places, if God wills it, and he rarely does.

    Conversely the scriptures warning you to stay away from non-believers as much as possible are myriad.

    2 Corinthians 6:14

    Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?

    1 John 2:15     Matthew 10:14   James 4:4  Romans 12:2

    Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

    Psalm 1:1-6  Matthew 7:6  1 John 1:7

    But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.

    Colossians 3:5   John 15:18-19    1 Peter 2:15-1   Proverbs 13:20

    Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.

    Galatians 5:13

    For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.

    1 Corinthians 15:33

    Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.”

    Exodus 34:12

    Take care, lest you make a covenant with the inhabitants of the land to which you go, lest it become a snare in your midst.

    Clearly hanging out at the bar is not a good place for a young believer to witness!

    The previously mentioned blog-post seemed to be fueled by a similar “spirit of error” that I have encountered before.

    “God is love” combined with “Judge not…” and both scriptures generally aren’t even used in their entirety.

    The rational: If God is love, how can we not throw open our arms to everyone? Regardless of their sin, regardless of the danger they are to us both spiritually and physically, regardless of how that “union” with them will cause us to break our nations covenant relationship with God and love them like Jesus would have!?

    The scriptures regarding what exactly “God’s love” is would fill 40 blog pages.

    We will start with the most memorable one.

    John 3:16 which reminds us that the wages of sin is death, but that God loved us so much that he sacrificed His own son so that the blood sacrifice for sin of the Old Testament could be done away with.

    God is love, but he cannot, ever, be in the presence of sin. Jesus said, “Why hast thou forsaken me?” as he hung on the cross. In that moment , with the sins of all mankind on his shoulders, even His Father had to abandon him, until he died. They were reunited when he rose from the dead, glorified. We can have no fellowship with God until we have put to death the sinful nature of the old man, had our sins washed away by the shed blood of Jesus Christ and risen again, anew.

    Is it now our “great commission” as believers in, and recipients of Christ’s sacrifice to lolly-coddle those living in sin? To “tolerate” it, to make excuses for it?

    Heterosexual couples don’t even get married anymore. So what then is the LGBTQ communities interest in it? Only to slap God in the face. There are 7 scriptures in the Bible (both OT and NT) that speak directly against Homosexuality, many calling it an “abomination” , and dozens referring to sexual immorality as a whole. There are really none to support it, other than generic “love” verses. Generic “love” verses are also used to protect the “innocent” immigrant, to redistribute wealth to those who have less than you do (by government mandate). Generic “love” verses can be twisted to lead you to believe that a solider under command of The Nation he serves is a murderer, and that a man who protects his house with a firearm should be “turning the other cheek”.

    Are we to love homosexuals? Absolutely!

    Is it love to tell them they are wrong? Absolutely!

    Hebrews 12:6   Proverbs 3:1   Revelation 3:19

       In fact if we do not tell them, then we commit sin, and will answer for it at the Judgement Seat of Christ.

    Are we to allow immigration? Of course! We are a nation of immigrants. Legal ones. Those who run afoul of the law are criminals. Scripture is clear on obeying the law of the land.

    Should we help the poor? Certainly! The bible says that true religion is exactly that! However, it is not the Governments job to steal from Peter to pay Paul, especially if Paul refuses to work. One of the churches main purposes is benevolence. Call your local church and ask if they even have a benevolence fund, most modern churches do not. Wealth re-distribution on the other hand is theft,and tyrannical government overreach. Sadly, the poor suffer because the church doesn’t do enough. Jesus said they (the poor) would always be with us.

    Is war sin? Sometimes. Throughout History there have been many wars. The Old testament is full of them, many sanctioned by God. Many modern conflicts have not been, but  God is a big fan of toppling tyrants, especially ones who worship other gods, blasphemers, those involved in witchcraft, and those who break their promises to Him.

    Soldiers, fighting under the command of the Godly country that they serve do a great service to the people who do not or cannot fight. John 15:13

    Again the scriptures regarding a soldiers duty are many. I will leave (for the sake of length) some scriptures for the reader to look up for themselves.

    “Guns! Wait you forgot about guns! ”

    No, no I didn’t! To be honest the scriptures relating directly to the right to bear arms and home defense in an modern / urban world are a little harder to find, but they are there. If you understand the Bibles scope as a whole.

    There are scriptures that say “Turn the other cheek” , “Turn your swords into plowshares” etc, etc. But there are also others that clearly support a persons right, in fact their duty to defend themselves.

    Luke 11:21

    When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are safe;

    Exodus 22:2-3

    If a thief is found breaking in and is struck so that he dies, there shall be no bloodguilt for him, but if the sun has risen on him, there shall be bloodguilt for him. He shall surely pay. If he has nothing, then he shall be sold for his theft.

    Luke 22:36

    He said to them, “But now let the one who has a moneybag take it, and likewise a knapsack. And let the one who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one.

    But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

    Proverbs 25:26

    Like a muddied spring or a polluted fountain is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked.

    Psalm 144:1

    Of David. Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle;

    Nehemiah 4:17-18

    Who were building on the wall. Those who carried burdens were loaded in such a way that each labored on the work with one hand and held his weapon with the other. And each of the builders had his sword strapped at his side while he built. The man who sounded the trumpet was beside me.

    Romans 13:4

    For he is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid, for he does not bear the sword in vain. For he is the servant of God, an avenger who carries out God’s wrath on the wrongdoer.

    Ecclesiastes 3 tells us there is a time for everything.

    1 For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:

    2 a time to be born, and a time to die;
    a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted;
    3 a time to kill, and a time to heal;
    a time to break down, and a time to build up;
    4 a time to weep, and a time to laugh;
    a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
    5 a time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together;
    a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;
    6 a time to seek, and a time to lose;
    a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
    7 a time to tear, and a time to sew;
    a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
    8 a time to love, and a time to hate;
    a time for war, and a time for peace.

    In Luke 22:36  Jesus tells his disciples to sell their cloak and buy a sword.

    In Luke 22:51 Jesus restores an ear lopped off by an over zealous disciple, and tells him to put his sword away.

    Why? It isn’t always the time to fight. The time to heal, and the time to make ready to fight were only moments apart. We need to know what season we are in, and recognize the seasons to come.

    How do we know? How can we tell?

    That brings me to the final part of the subject at hand.

    We are instructed to know who ,and what we are dealing with. We will know them by their fruits, etc, etc. To bear the fruit of the Spirit ourselves. To discern the spirits of those we come in contact with, and indeed test them!  Yet, the moniker of many is “Don’t judge me”.

    This error is based on the following passage of Matthew

    Matthew 7:1-5

    “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye”

    There are one hundred and six words in this passage, yet the two words most used are the first two. Judge not.

    What is says is…If you are gonna dish it out, you better be ready to take it.

    Inspect yourself first, then you can see clearly to help others.

    It is important to remember that there is an entire book in the bible dedicated to servants of God whose sole purpose was to Judge, oddly disguised as “The Book of Judges”.

    Proverbs 31:9

    Open your mouth, judge righteously, defend the rights of the poor and needy.

    Leviticus 19:15

    “You shall do no injustice in court. You shall not be partial to the poor or defer to the great, but in righteousness shall you judge your neighbor.

    1 Corinthians 2:15

    The spiritual person judges all things, but is himself to be judged by no one.

    Galatians 6:1

    Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. Keep watch on yourself, lest you too be tempted.

    1 Corinthians 5:12-13

    For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge? God judges those outside. “Purge the evil person from among you.”

    Timothy 2:24-26

    And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, correcting his opponents with gentleness. God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth, and they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will.

    1 Corinthians 6:1-6

    When one of you has a grievance against another, does he dare go to law before the unrighteous instead of the saints? Or do you not know that the saints will judge the world? And if the world is to be judged by you, are you incompetent to try trivial cases? Do you not know that we are to judge angels? How much more, then, matters pertaining to this life! So if you have such cases, why do you lay them before those who have no standing in the church? I say this to your shame. Can it be that there is no one among you wise enough to settle a dispute between the brothers, …

        In closing, if our only call to arms as child of God is “I don’t ever judge anyone and I just LOOOOVE everybody to pieces!” We are marching into war vs Lucifer armed only with a plastic fork. Our times are perilous, and perilous times call great men and women to action.

        By now some of you are saying.. “Wait! We get it. Read and study the Bible as a whole, but what does any of this have to do with Conservatism!?

         I’m coming to that now.  Let me be clear. I am making no excuses for crooked politicians, the preceding scriptures regarding judgement should be applied to each and everyone of them, on both sides of the aisle. Having done so my belief is you will find that only one of our current two parties can be considered the party of the Christian.

         I will close with an excerpt from the Mayflower compact.

          The “Mayflower Compact” was signed on 11 November 1620 onboard the Mayflower shortly after she came to anchor off Provincetown Harbor.  The Pilgrims had obtained permission from English authorities to settle in Virginia, whose northern border at the time extended up to what is now New York. Predating the Declaration of Independence by 156 years! The Mayflower compact is written proof that the very existence of the United States of America is predicated by a promise made to God almost 400 years ago.

    Having undertaken, for the glory of God, and advancement of the Christian faith, and honor of our King and Country, a voyage to plant the first colony in the northern parts of Virginia, do by these presents solemnly and mutually, in the presence of God, and one of another, covenant and combine our selves together into a civil bodypolitic, for our better ordering and preservation and furtherance of the ends aforesaid; and by virtue hereof to enact, constitute, and frame such just and equal laws, ordinances, acts, constitutions and offices, from time to time, as shall be thought most meet and convenient for the general good of the Colony, unto which we promise all due submission and obedience. In witness whereof we have hereunder subscribed our names at Cape Cod, the eleventh of November [New Style, November 21], in the year of the reign of our sovereign lord, King James, of England, France, and Ireland, the eighteenth, and of Scotland the fifty-fourth. Anno Dom. 1620.

          We cannot and will not exist as nation if we break this promise. God is not mocked, and vengeance is His, He will repay. So, as we make excuses for the sin of our neighbor. Refuse to mention anything that might offend said neighbor, and sing kumbaya around the campfire, remember that we are slowly tearing up our contract with Almighty God, one tolerated sin, and one missed opportunity for repentance at a time. The heart of the Full Gospel Conservative is one of redemption, growth, peace, and happiness, through Jesus Christ, and hard work. The Liberal Lie is that the Government can and should give you all of those things, God is unimportant, and nothing is required of you.  If a “Christians” message looks and smells like the Liberal Lie, then it probably is.


     We are a for-profit organization.

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    Living slowly and finding peace. 

    I have always loved the following modern day parable, in fact I’ve quoted it in job interviews. The author of this modern story is unknown, but it appears on almost every business, life coach, or business consultants blog on the internet at some point in time. Here’s a tidbit that most of them don’t mention.

    King Solomon was the richest and wisest King who ever lived. He had unlimited resources and withheld no pleasure from himself (sinful or otherwise). He learned this lesson long ago.

    Ecclesiastes 8:15   So I recommend having fun, because there is nothing better for people in this world than to eat, drink, and enjoy life. That way they will experience some happiness along with all the hard work God gives them under the sun.


    An executive from America was standing at the pier of a Mexican village, taking a much needed vacation. It was his first in more than 10 years. He noticed a small boat with just one fisherman had docked. Inside the small boat were several large yellow fin tuna. The executive complimented the Mexican fisherman on the quality of his fish and asked how long it took to catch them.

    The Mexican replied, “only a little while.”

    The executive then asked, “why didn’t you stay out longer and catch more fish?”

    The Mexican replied,  “I  have enough to support my family for a little while.”

    The executive then asked, “but what do you do with the rest of your time?”

    The Mexican fisherman said, “I sleep late, fish a little, play with my children, take siesta with my wife, and stroll into the village each evening where I sip wine and play guitar with my amigos, I have a full and busy life.”

    The executive scoffed, “I am a Harvard MBA and could help you. You should spend more time fishing and with the proceeds, buy a bigger boat with the proceeds from the bigger boat you could buy several boats, eventually you would have a fleet of fishing boats. Instead of selling your catch to a middleman you would sell directly to the processor, eventually opening your own cannery. You would control the product, processing and distribution. You would need to leave this small coastal fishing village and move to Mexico City, then LA and eventually NYC where you will run your expanding enterprise.”

    The Mexican fisherman asked, “But, how long will this all take?”

    To which the American replied, “15-20 years.”

    “But what then?”

    The American laughed and said that’s the best part. “When the time is right you would announce an IPO and sell your company stock to the public and become very rich, you would make millions.”

    “Millions.. Then what?”

    The American said, “Then you would retire. Move to a small coastal fishing village where you would sleep late, fish a little, play with your kids, take siesta with your wife, stroll to the village in the evenings where you could sip wine and play your guitar with your amigos.”

    Living slowly, and requiring less is far preferable to always trying to keep up with the Jones’. I’ve tried both, although never from a standpoint of immense wealth. Life is hard. Relax, pray, downsize if you must, and be content. Godliness with contentment is great gain.



     We are a for-profit organization.

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    Who is “the enemy” ? 


         Recently a Democratic Presidential nominees gaffe referred to the Republicans as “the enemy”. The GOP establishment immediately took umbrage that she would call them, or in fact, any American “the enemy”. The old guard have no enemies in politics it would seem.They have “friends” on the left. They have “colleagues” on the left. What they were in fact saying is that politics is a job, and a game to be played with the lives and freedom of 350 million people, not a duty, nor a battle. The GOP establishment reminded Americans in that moment that their default reaction is “go along to get along”. They should have responded in agreement  that the Left is the “enemy” of freedom and liberty. It is my belief that the potential DNC Candidate gave the more honest assessment of the DNC’s feelings about Conservatives in America. It was a tactical error on her part, but the sentiment is shared by the true zealots of the DNC, and is reciprocated by the true defenders of Conservatism. Those patriots of the GOP are still marginalized, but they are growing in power, led largely by Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Mike Lee and others.

       We are the enemy of the liberal progressives (now admitted socialists) and their twisted vision for Barrack Obama’s stated “fundamental transformation” of America. Let us not forget that to “transform” ie; remake America you must first unmake America. Anyone who would attempt to unmake America is an enemy of the people, and an enemy of God. Any such agenda is led in the spiritual realms by the adversary of our souls, Lucifer. (1 Peter 5:8)

    Ephesians 6:12
    For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.


        The United States of America is one of only two nations whose very existence is based on a Covenant with God, not Allah, not Buddha, not Krishna, but Jehovah God, Yahweh, Elohim, Israel being the other. If we, as a society, allow ourselves to be dragged further and further to the left, further away from Biblical truth, further away from Righteousness, we will have become complicit in breaking a promise to God, and our destruction will be certain. Is the preservation of our Covenant promise to God worth fighting for? Are those who would break that promise influenced by the enemy of our souls? How do we then fight that battle?

    1 Peter 5:6-10 (ESV)

       Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you, casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Resist him, firm in your faith, knowing that the same kinds of suffering are being experienced by your brotherhood throughout the world. And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.

    2 Corinthians 10:3-6 (ESV)

      For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ, being ready to punish every disobedience, when your obedience is complete.

       We must check our own thoughts against scripture. We must recognize who we are dealing with based on the fruit they bear. (Matthew 7:16) We must pray, read, and study. (1 Timothy 4:13) We must share, tweet, and engage. (Matthew 20:19-20)

        83% of all Americans claim to be Christians, yet we are being steamrolled politically by a very small percentage of Godless, yet very vocal, liberal and humanistic minority.

        It is time for the slumbering giant to wake up and push back. Push back in prayer. Push back by running for office. Push back by teaching your children the Bible and the Constitution. Push back by using your social media accounts for something other than watching cat videos. I will be here, doing the same!


     We are a for-profit organization.

    • Amos Elroy 1:07 pm on 23 Oct 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I wholly reject the confusing of the Right with Righteous. Conservative politics has little to do with God, and in some instances I would say contradicts Godliness, such as the indifference for the plight of the poor, or creating a substrate for material greed and worshiping it. It is a false equation which should embarrass anyone making that point.

      Further though I agree that politics is not a game and its implications are life changing for all citizens and should therefore be taken seriously, it is clear that this does not mean physically attacking an ideological opponent. When Clinton mentioned Republicans as one of her enemies it was clearly tongue in cheek. Either way, it was referring to the fact that Republicans have made her personally into a target of political attack for years, not the other way around. She sees Republicans as her enemies, not herself as the enemy of Republicans. Another misrepresentation in your self righteous essay.

      Though Centuries we have developed the civility to fight ideologically and politically without treating each other as real enemies, ones that you would beat up or shoot at. It appears that you are taking the diametrically opposing path, using a miss-quote, humorlessly processed, to justify expression of hate in the political sphere. That is regression, not advancement.


    • Amos Elroy 1:41 pm on 23 Oct 2015 Permalink | Reply

      One more thing, it is misleading to say Democrats are now Socialists. There is a clear distinction between Socialist and Democratic Socialist, which is what Bernie Sanders ascribes to.

      Socialism is autocratic and based on “reforming” the system into a dictatorship that replaces private businesses and industries with state institutions, also referred to as Centralized Planning. Democratic Socialism is the approach Democratic countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Australia, and Israel have taken at different times. It does provide safety nets for the middle-class and the poor, and seeks to balance out inherent injustices caused by deregulated industries. Muddying the difference is ideologically insincere if not intentionally malicious and deceptive. It’s a shame!


      • Rocky McNeill 2:25 pm on 23 Oct 2015 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you for your comments!

        However, I have but one question for you. Do you believe that Satan exists and is the ruler of this world, as scripture says?

        If you do, then you also believe he has an agenda to separate God’s creation from having fellowship with their Creator. Bearing this in mind we must then conclude that we are being tempted everyday to turn our backs on God and proceed down a path of distraction, sin, and eventually eternal separation.

        While I agree that as a general rule “politicians are politicians” and most are in fact liars, the GOP’s current stances are most accurately in line with scripture. Capitalism is , in the long run, the most effective way of helping the poor and middle class. On the surface grabbing up that monthly check from a Socialist (or Democratic Socialist) Government seems more effective, but in the long run is unsustainable, leading to Communism, Government control of virtually everything, and as we saw with the USSR, and others, collapse.

        Your comments speak of righteousness, as if you have at least some knowledge of the concept, but your counterpoints are entirely secular, and humanistic in nature. There are some true biblical conservatives currently running for the GOP nomination and fighting to pull America back towards our roots, rather than continue our devolution into a totally godless, atheistic society. The scariest thing I see amongst those who would share your view is that they see no slippery slopes, and believe that their own opinion of Gods written Word trumps His intended guidance. The whole of scripture, in it’s original languages, supports Capitalism, Religious Freedom, Sanctity of Life, Sanctity of Marriage, Gun Rights, Support of Israel, and tells us that Isaac and Ishmael (fathers of Judaism and Islam) are eternal enemies, that the Nation of Israel are Gods Chosen People, and those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. All of these stances are , at least in word, are the stances of Conservatism. The condition of the hearts of the men in question are unknown to me, but scripture tells us we will know them by their fruit.

        We are indeed engaged in spiritual warfare, not a physical one, and there is no grey area.


    • Rocky McNeill 2:40 am on 1 Nov 2015 Permalink | Reply

      I fear nothing friend, feel free to repost your response.


  • Chris Mills 4:39 am on 20 Oct 2015 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , second amendment   

    Who do our guns protect us from? 

    Recently I heard a very well known Conservative talk show host saying that the Second Amendment was never intended to protect us from The Government. It’s odd that nearly every quote from the framers I have found seems to state that, in addition to protecting your home, family, and property from thieves, murderers, and foreign invaders, that is it’s exact purpose.

    Thomas Jefferson:

    “[W]hat country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.”

    Noah Webster:

    “Another source of power in government is a military force. But this, to be efficient, must be superior to any force that exists among the people, or which they can command: for otherwise this force would be annihilated, on the first exercise of acts of oppression. Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States. A military force, at the command of Congress, can execute no laws, but such as the people perceive to be just and constitutional; for they will possess the power, and jealousy will instantly inspire the inclination, to resist the execution of a law which appears to them unjust and oppressive. In spite of all the nominal powers, vested in Congress by the constitution, were the system once adopted in its fullest latitude, still the actual exercise of them would be frequently interrupted by popular jealousy. I am bold to say, that ten just and constitutional measures would be resisted, where one unjust or oppressive law would be enforced. The powers vested in Congress are little more than nominal; nay real power cannot be vested in them, nor in any body, but in the people. The source of power is in the people of this country, and cannot for ages, and probably never will, be removed.”

    Granted, in agreement with part of his stated contention, the Second Amendment was never intended as a right to open fire on your local police force, until they begin carrying out the orders of a tyrannical central government anyway. As a nation we are quite a ways off from that, but the slope seems to get more slippery every year that goes by.

    Tenche Coxe:

    “The militia of these free commonwealths, entitled and accustomed to their arms, when compared with any possible army, must be tremendous and irresistible. Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man against his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birth-right of an American … the unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”

    George Mason :

    “I ask, Sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people. To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them.”

    George Mason:

    “That a well-regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural and safe defense of a free state; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that, in all cases, the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power.”

    I realize that the thought of another civil war, or the necessity of the American people to fight off yet another tyrannical oppressor is, as of yet, a very distant, dark prospect. It is not, however, as far fetched as it may seem, and it is a gross misuse of a microphone to tell millions of people otherwise.

    If a Wyoming Ranchers standoff with a Government agency turns violent, if shots are fired at a New Black Panthers demonstration, if a Radicalized Muslim “refugee” (200,000 of their way!) infiltrates a Louis Farrakhan rally, we could find ourselves under national martial law (and the thumb of a Federal Police Force) fast enough to make your head spin. Some have said that Barrack Obama’s divisive handling of Ferguson, Baltimore, and countless other racial issues have be politicized to exactly that end. Nationwide chaos would quickly lead to a Federal Police Force, some even speculate that the UN already has designs on making worldwide cities “safe” with an occupying Global Police Force.

    It is a reality that we may one day have to defend ourselves from those we have elected to represent us if the Liberal agenda is allowed to progress. The framers foresaw such possibilities and worded The Constitution to guard our right to do so if, God forbid, it were to ever become necessary.

    Pray, people of God, that revival comes to our land before this scenario can play out in our streets.

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