Pearls Before Swine: Wasted Time

I am not a pastor, a lawyer, a doctor or a theologian.

I am a watchman.

I write.

I make videos.

I make music.

I live stream.


Christ Centered Nationalism

The Constitution can’t force godless citizens to adhere to it. Godless citizens must constrain themselves to adhere to the Constitution.

President Trump, McMaster IS the Swamp

  The trail of “bodies” left in McMaster’s wake is extensive and quite obvious to anyone willing to pay attention. 

Bigoted Google Fires Conservative James Damore for ‘Ideological Echo Chamber’ Memo

A Google employee recently released a 10 page internal memo challenging Google’s training and practices. The story was released on Motherboard and portions of the document were released by Gizmodo shortly thereafter. However, Mr. Damore’s attributions, charts and links were removed from those documents. James Damore released a thoughtful;, intelligent , non judgmental 3300 word…… Continue reading Bigoted Google Fires Conservative James Damore for ‘Ideological Echo Chamber’ Memo

The Cultural Cold War of 2017

I just had an epiphany regarding the Trump/Cruz divide that still looms amongst conservatives. We all agree that there is a war that needs to be won and is well underway. The Cruz /NeverTrump camp, of which I have been one for some time, feel the need for another Revolution; the Trump supporters of which…… Continue reading The Cultural Cold War of 2017

RNC Convention: Speaking Truth to Power

Since the Constitution cannot make the citizenry conform, no President, sworn to uphold that Constitution, can force a rebellious people back into its confines. Trickle-down righteousness doesn’t work and legislated morality is tyranny.

Sunday Sermon : Paul Washer 6/5/16

Here is a now infamous message delivered by Missionary and Evangelist Paul Washer in 2002.

The Peace of the Patriot

Wars and rumors of wars loom ever-presently on the horizon. Infanticide, perversion, and the incorporation of false religions into the fabric of Americas Biblically based morality are a constant weight upon the soul of the vigilant Christian Patriot.

Social Justice and Abortion

Originally posted on Founding Father's Faith Blog:
? There are so many social-justice Christians and ministries today, yet most of these do not concern themselves first with the innocent. Children are innocent, from the unborn to the nascent, toddlers, those learning to read and those reading to learn, innocent until they like us adults…

Tyrants to Rule Over Us

We are entering a very dangerous place in our history, America. We must take great care to make sure we aren't furthering our downward spiral into bondage by selecting one tyrant to replace another.

An Open Letter and Urgent Plea To All Republican Delegates Headed to Cleveland

Originally posted on A Time For Choosing:
By Gary P Jackson Congratulations! You have been selected by your community peers to represent them at the Republican National Convention this coming July in Cleveland, Ohio. You have been trusted by the members of your community to represent not only their best interests, and the best interests…

Will the real Conservative media please stand up?

Originally posted on Chris Mills:
The White Nationalist Party and it’s defenders have emerged from their Trump induced fugue-state of the winter of 2016. For months we have bemoaned the transition of our once reliable Fox News as the go-to station for the conservative news seeker to the Trump Nationalist News Network. I’ve lost count…

Downgrading Biblical Doctrine

Founding Father's Faith Blog

Holy Bible

I find it saddening to see people trying to define themselves by breaking down the only hope they have of eternal salvation, by demeaning the Testament (the Bible), from the Testator Himself, Jesus, the one and only lifeline that this dying World has.[1] Too many have explored the Holy Scriptures to experience how the Bible fits into their lives, or how it can be adapted to their lifestyle. This stands contrary to the only true approach to God’s Living Word: how can the individual adapt to the precepts of the Bible, following after Jesus and conforming to His ways, so clearly enumerated in the Holy Text.[2] Often in today’s Church clime, the commandments or the law of God is considered “old-fashioned,” “out of date,” not worthy of being followed, or not to be followed at all because we are in the New Covenant, yet, this stance is in…

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Where do we go from here?

I am placing a moratorium on myself in regards to Trump bashing. I have done more than my share. I will focus my future articles on the myriad of Satanic devices that are steadily eroding our society from within.

#CruzCrew Forever

I feel it my duty tonight to clarify my position as The Founder of The Christian Conservatives Network, Twitter rabble-rouser and Christian Patriot. There seems to be some confusion regarding whether or not I will support Donald Trump now that he is the only Republican left. This is not a new question for me. I… Continue reading #CruzCrew Forever

Trump Cult Media Exposed by Steve Deace

Our Republics future lies in the hands of the people and we are ready to rise up. However, that uprising must be based upon a foundation of truth, not upon a stirring-of-the-pot by the marionettes of psychological manipulation and avarice.

Support of Israel

Originally posted on Founding Father's Faith Blog:
? In short, we should support Israel not because of Republicanism, nor Politicism, Democratism, or Conservatism, but we should lend our support to Israel because of Biblicalism. When I say Biblicalism I do not imply a particular denominational teaching, but specifically that the Bible is the unerring Word of…

Fridays Favorite Tweets! 4/22

I ran across quite a few great Tweets tonight and figured I’d post the links here for posterity sake.   This is about as comprehensive a list of @realdonaldtrump’s lies as I’ve ever seen. 101 of them: — Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) April 11, 2016     WATCH: Ted Cruz just gave a FANTASTIC speech…… Continue reading Fridays Favorite Tweets! 4/22

Trump “Projecting an Image” Manafort Says

"President Trump" is a phony, a fake, a completely fabricated role being acted out on a public stage in the most important election cycle in our Nations history and those incited by disappointment and rage at the fecklessness of the GOP can't clear their heads long enough to see it for what it is.

Will the real Conservative media please stand up?

Fox and Hannity just can’t step away from the ratings teat. Drudge, Breitbart and many other piglets of White Nationalism have sidled up next to the Trump campaign sow alongside you.