Trump Cult Media Exposed by Steve Deace

Our Republics future lies in the hands of the people and we are ready to rise up. However, that uprising must be based upon a foundation of truth, not upon a stirring-of-the-pot by the marionettes of psychological manipulation and avarice.


Support of Israel

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? In short, we should support Israel not because of Republicanism, nor Politicism, Democratism, or Conservatism, but we should lend our support to Israel because of Biblicalism. When I say Biblicalism I do not imply a particular denominational teaching, but specifically that the Bible is the unerring Word of…

The Heresy of The Christian Democrat

Instead of focusing the whole of our love-driven efforts on bringing earthly comfort to those “less fortunate” perhaps we should spend more time pouring out the precious ointment of worship upon our Savior by telling them about His love? The least-of-these that we are commanded to care for will not receive any eternal reward without salvation through Jesus Christ and every moment spent with them will have been wasted.

Fridays Favorite Tweets! 4/22

I ran across quite a few great Tweets tonight and figured I’d post the links here for posterity sake.   This is about as comprehensive a list of @realdonaldtrump’s lies as I’ve ever seen. 101 of them: — Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) April 11, 2016     WATCH: Ted Cruz just gave a FANTASTIC speech…… Continue reading Fridays Favorite Tweets! 4/22

Trump “Projecting an Image” Manafort Says

"President Trump" is a phony, a fake, a completely fabricated role being acted out on a public stage in the most important election cycle in our Nations history and those incited by disappointment and rage at the fecklessness of the GOP can't clear their heads long enough to see it for what it is.

Lyman Hall, Politician, Doctor, Pastor and Declaration of Independence Signee

Originally posted on Founding Father's Faith Blog:
Lyman Hall was son to John Hall and Mary Street Lyman. John Hall was a prominent Connecticut resident, influential in that states early history, particularly with regards to the settlement of disputes between the Mohegan Indian tribes and the settlers. Mary Lyman was the daughter of the…

Will the real Conservative media please stand up?

Fox and Hannity just can’t step away from the ratings teat. Drudge, Breitbart and many other piglets of White Nationalism have sidled up next to the Trump campaign sow alongside you.

Rebellion: Donald Trump – Part Two

Originally posted on Chris Mills:
Last week a piece I wrote had the unexpected result of going micro-viral. Thanks in no small part to the Twitterverse blowtorch located @HahnAmerica In case you missed it… An Open Letter to Donald Trump The piece was the product of last weeks spiritual and emotional roller coaster regarding the…

Inversion of Sin

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? What a difference in the teaching of theologians over the course of 250 years; sin was constantly put under the Light of the Gospel, and treated in the manner of what it is: death. In this era, rather than attacking the source, and reviling the actions…

Contributor Spotlight: Chris Mills

Biography: “I’m just a guy who loves Jesus –  Documenting the downfall of mankind.” Chris Mills is the Founder and Current Editor-in-Chief of The Christian Conservatives Network. CCN is a startup blog discussing News, Politics and Pop Culture from a Biblical World View. Chris has served  under the same Pastor,  Rev. Steve Williams since 1993- …… Continue reading Contributor Spotlight: Chris Mills

Hillary Clinton : Satanic High Priestess

The Democratic Party – The Social Communists -The Liberal Progressives , regardless of what you choose to call them, are a religion unto themselves. Their faith respects many gods – Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Satan and the god of Self, but not Jesus Christ, regardless of how tickling the woven tale to the contrary may be to the ears.

Mark Levin Joins #NeverTrump Movement!

Today, Syndicated Radio Talk Show host and New York Times bestselling Author Mark Levin officially joined the Never Trump movement.

Trump: Violent Projectionist

However, that is the process by which we take back our Government, not violent, forceful demonstrations fueled by misinformation and stoked by pyromancers of rebellion.

Cruz Dumps Trump in Wisconsin!

Cruz Dumps Trump in Wisconsin! Down goes Trump! Down goes Trump!

Therefore Choose Life

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? Every day humans are put to the task of making decisions that may affect the remainder of not only their lives but the lives of those around them. Most of these choices do not result in immediate life or death circumstances, yet, we are called by…

RNC Says “Down Trump, Down!” Good Boy!

Is Donald Trump so scared now of his campaigns imminent collapse that he would actually stoop so low as to be civil?

Rebellion: Donald Trump – Part Two

One gun shot, one firework, one punch and we have a massacre on our hands, potentially leading to a Civil War. A scheme perpetuated by billionaires at the expense of the American people.