Entitlements and Welfare are Slavery; The Democrats Still Hate Blacks

“I’ll have those n****rs voting for Democrats for 200 years.”  Democrat President  Lyndon B. Johnson


Pearls Before Swine: Wasted Time

I am not a pastor, a lawyer, a doctor or a theologian.

I am a watchman.

I write.

I make videos.

I make music.

I live stream.

Christ Centered Nationalism

The Constitution can’t force godless citizens to adhere to it. Godless citizens must constrain themselves to adhere to the Constitution.

President Trump, McMaster IS the Swamp

  The trail of “bodies” left in McMaster’s wake is extensive and quite obvious to anyone willing to pay attention. 

Bigoted Google Fires Conservative James Damore for ‘Ideological Echo Chamber’ Memo

A Google employee recently released a 10 page internal memo challenging Google’s training and practices. The story was released on Motherboard and portions of the document were released by Gizmodo shortly thereafter. However, Mr. Damore’s attributions, charts and links were removed from those documents. James Damore released a thoughtful;, intelligent , non judgmental 3300 word…… Continue reading Bigoted Google Fires Conservative James Damore for ‘Ideological Echo Chamber’ Memo

The Cultural Cold War of 2017

I just had an epiphany regarding the Trump/Cruz divide that still looms amongst conservatives. We all agree that there is a war that needs to be won and is well underway. The Cruz /NeverTrump camp, of which I have been one for some time, feel the need for another Revolution; the Trump supporters of which…… Continue reading The Cultural Cold War of 2017

The Most Valuable Commodity in the Apocolypse

It is the contention of this article that the one commodity that will be in the shortest supply, and one that people will most likely be short on from day one is…

Chris Kyle: An American Infidel

“There are three types of people in this world: sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs. Some people prefer to believe that evil doesn’t exist in the world, and if it ever darkened their doorstep, they wouldn’t know how to protect themselves. Those are the sheep.

Conservatism is Dead -or- The Articles I Didn’t Write and Why

Devoid of some resurgent phoenix of Judaeo-Christian ethics and Conservatism rising from the ashes of our once great Republic, we are done.

Why Voting For Donald Trump Is Morally Good

A few clicks around  this site should serve as my staunch #Nevertrump bona fides, not that I care about credibility with the world. I care about being obedient to God–He has swayed me. The wonderful piece that follows is the final nudge that it took to put me over the edge. Donald Trump will get…… Continue reading Why Voting For Donald Trump Is Morally Good

Dueling Hamilton’s or Clinton v Trump

What if the Democrats are trying to lose to the Republicans and the Republicans are trying to lose to the Democrats?

47 Bodies, 13 Hours, Clinton Cash and Hillary’s America

Still wondering which of the two “evils” left in the presidential race is worthy of your vote? CCN recommends viewing the attached video as well as the feature films 13 Hours and Hillary’s America. Tamara Jackson (twitter @tamij ) over at Barbwire.com wrote a stunning and  extremely well researched piece questioning the mysterious deaths of…… Continue reading 47 Bodies, 13 Hours, Clinton Cash and Hillary’s America

RNC Convention: Speaking Truth to Power

Since the Constitution cannot make the citizenry conform, no President, sworn to uphold that Constitution, can force a rebellious people back into its confines. Trickle-down righteousness doesn’t work and legislated morality is tyranny.

Sunday Sermon : Paul Washer 6/5/16

Here is a now infamous message delivered by Missionary and Evangelist Paul Washer in 2002.

The Peace of the Patriot

Wars and rumors of wars loom ever-presently on the horizon. Infanticide, perversion, and the incorporation of false religions into the fabric of Americas Biblically based morality are a constant weight upon the soul of the vigilant Christian Patriot.

Sunday Sermon 5/29/16: Charles Stanley – Finding God’s Will

A wonderful message from Dr. Charles Stanley.  

Social Justice and Abortion

Originally posted on Founding Father's Faith Blog:
? There are so many social-justice Christians and ministries today, yet most of these do not concern themselves first with the innocent. Children are innocent, from the unborn to the nascent, toddlers, those learning to read and those reading to learn, innocent until they like us adults…

CCN Midweek News

In the 10 months since the rule was finalized, it has become clear that the mechanics of AFFH are much more underhanded and subversive than critics have often claimed.

Under the new rule, HUD doesn’t replace local Public Housing Authorities – it conscripts them into its service.

Sunday Sermon 5/22/16: John Hagee on the Anti-Christ

While we know in part and we prophesy in part and no man knows the day or the hour of Christ’ return, we are told to watch, for as a women travails with labor pains so will the signs be obvious to those who are watching with vigilance.

The Remnantist™

The Earth now lay in ruins.He walked mostly among the dead.